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Model 6368
Soft Serve Freezer

Great for all popular soft serve mixes from low fat to non-fat frozen yogurt, ice cream, sorbet and custards.

Twin Twist Flavor, Floor Model, Gravity or Pump Feed, Independent Refrigeration System for Each Cylinder, Touch Button Controls, Stainless Steel Panels

  • Freezing Cylinder: 2 × 1.8 quarts each

  • Mix Hopper: 2 × 16.5 quarts each

  • Separate hopper refrigeration maintains mix temperature below 40ºF.

  • Mix Low Indicator: When mix level is low, the Mix Low light turns "ON" to alert operator to add mix.

  • Hardness Indicator: Indicator displays hardness status of the product in freezing cylinder.

  • Standby: During long no-use periods, the standby feature maintains safe product temperature in the mix hoppers and freezing cylinders.

  • Electronic Controls: The microprocessor controls automatically regulate refrigeration by monitoring product temperature and viscosity to maintain consistent quality.


  • Weight Pounds: Net 507 - Shipping: 551

  • Dimensions Net:
    Width 23.6 "
    Depth 27.6"
    Height 60.6"

  • Dimensions Shipping:
    Width 27.6"
    Depth 31.5"
    Height 68.9"

  • Electrical
    Beater Motor: Two @ 1.2 HP for 1 Phase, Two @ 1.0 HP for 3 Phase

  • Refrigeration System
    Main refrigeration:Two compressors: @ 4400 BTU/hr. R404a

  • Performance: This machine can produce up to 200 servings per hour. (Serving size weight 4 ounces)

    Specifications are subject to change without notice.