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Our latest line, Italiana offers a narrow 35.25” showcase for easy delivery through doors and the widest selection of case types in our range of products, notably the Grab N Go and Grab N Go Combi. Clean, simple lines with large front glass make Italiana a practical choice.



Available in three heights, including our tallest (59”) and lowest (44”) cases, Trilogy has clean, simple lines. The 44” GT in particular removes the bulk of the case from between the server and patron. Trilogy is a fully featured line of cases.



365 is our only showcase with glass that is flat in the vertical plane. Available as a full line of cases with one special model: The “All Season” or “Convertible” that transforms from a Gelato case to a Pastry/Deli case at the push of a button. This flexibility expands the range of your product offerings in one case.



Our most versatile line of custom cases, Koreia is available in a wider array of shapes than any other and is favored by designers that want complete showcase systems with a variety of shapes and case temperatures. Popular with venues that desire a unique configuration in their showcases.


A more cost-effective solution, Sacher is a fully featured line of cases available in a variety of applications. Comes in both linear and 45-degree curved modules.

Ventura L II

Gelato & Ice-Cream specific, our most basic, professional Gelato showcase comes in 3 linear sizes 47”, 67” and 87”.

Ventura XP II

High quality, professional solution and cost effective cases. Available in Gelato, Pastry, Deli, Chocolate, and 45 degree corner cases.



H&M MC12

Great Value

Great displaying result, automatically defrosting and defogging display freezer with reliable and stable performance.

Color option:

Multiplexing Option On Display Cases

One of the most impressive uses of out display cases is to combine straight and/or curved cases into a "lineup" of multiple use cases.

Cases can be the same or may be configured at the factory to hold complimentary products in cases of differing temperatures.