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H&M Commercial Milk Pasteurizer Packing and Ship Process


Hydraulic jet sheer high speed mixer, achieve homogenization by strongly discompose solid, help improve pasteurizing and ageing. Short period homogenization could be programmed as request.


Integrated with humanity design, this stainless steel mix-out valve can control the mix-out speed accurately. guarantee hygiene and no residual of mix . Easy to discharge and clean, save labor.

Production time and temperature data print function.

Anti-slipping mat provided, easy operation.


After a blackout, the controller will automatically recover to run the machine. if the mix is good and has not suffered any effects, the current program will be resumed, otherwise It will run a new pasteurization.



Multi programs preset, suitable for many kinds of ice cream mix
H&M® PASTO MIX Machines are computer-controlled and easy for ice cream makers to prepare and diversify high quality mixture. Great stability, easy to operate, 8 ready mix programs preset, one key for whole process. Efficient pasteurizing and ageing process make it an ideal machine for the pasteurization, ageing and storage of ice cream mix.


Features Include:

7 preset factory programs and 1 free customer program
4 modes of beater speeds: high speed, interval, low speed, 0 speed. Easy to convert speed mode with one controller key. Also automatically memory for the next working cycle.
Target temperature range for mix: 2 °C/36.5 °F to 110 °C/230 °F
Auto-recovery after power failure
Print function to record time and temperature data during working cycles (optional)
Advance beater designed to homogenize and emulsify ice cream mix for creamy texture and premium gelato
Easy disassembling output valve and mixer for easy operation and quick cleaning
Fully automatic operation with a friendly and flexible interface.
Multi build-in safety devices to protect the operator and the machine.
Build in rinsing water spigot to speed up cleaning
Easy and quick serve concept for each part is considered when design.
Compressor made in France, Italy or Germany
Anti-slipping mat provided, easy operation.
International acceptable R404a refrigerate gas.


MODEL Mix Tank Cap. Mix Input Cooling Cooling Power Type Installed Power Dimension (mm) Net Wt.
Min. Max.
Liter Liter Liter minutes Volt/Hz/Phase Kw Width Depth Height Kg
HMIX 30 30 15 30 120* Water** 220/60/3*** 4.5 443 965 1106 182
HMIX 60 60 30 60 120* 220/60/3*** 7.2 443 965 1106 203
HMIX 120 120 60 120 120* 220/60/3*** 10.5 650 965 1106 320

* The process time depending on the mix used and the cooling condition.
** Air-cooled versions available with additional charge
*** Other voltages and cycles like 220/60/1 are available with additional charge

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Controlled heat treatment. It is used to remove disease-carrying microbes from foods without damaging their vitamins and proteins. Sterilizing them while preserving their nutritional and organoleptic qualities.

Pasteurize mix to 85 °C to ensure the milk, cream mix is bacteri
a free and guarantee hygiene, then age to 4 °C. With regulation between high speed beating and low speed beating, the beater could efficiently cut macromolecular and homogenize the mix. The mix processed could be used for the production of premium ice cream with perfect texture.


Pasteurize mixture to 65 °C ensure the milk, yolk mix is of highest level of hygiene, w
hich reserve its original texture.

For chocolate mix, it can perfectly fusion of cocoa and ice cream to 90 °C, fully dissolve cocoa's plant fiber.