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H&M USA Gelato Ice Cream Machine and Equipment, Your Best Choice For Gelato Ice Cream Business

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    Blending Machine Model B

Designed, engineered and manufactured to be rugged and easy to operate and maintain for years of trouble free service. The blending machine is manufactured to exacting tolerances utilizing the latest computer controlled machine tools and technology. Quality construction is standard throughout.

    Features Include:

- Handsomely styled with its clean, neat cabinetry and eye catching logo it will add a touch of class and sales appeal to any store. Attractive, Lexan cover provides a view of the moving parts while assuring operator safety
- Creator of Dessert Treats which will challenge the imagination and whet the appetite of young and old alike. The attractive and delicious blended product is irresistible whether served in a cup, cone or dessert dish
- Profits will soar to new heights with repeat business and generous cost margins
- Designed for high productivity. "Cyclone Jet" water wash reduces cycle time and labor costs.
- Perfect for ice cream and yogurt stores, candy stores, dessert novelty shops, convenience stores or special event food centers. Owning a blending machine is like having an entire franchise.
- The machine that easily and quickly swirls and blends ice cream or yogurt with candies, fruits, nuts, or cookies to create an infinite variety of flavor delights

Blending Machine Model D

The  Model D Machine can blend;

-Hard Ice cream or frozen yogurt with mix in ingredients
-Makes delicious Malts, Shakes and Freezes-Create mouth watering Smoothies
-Mix liquids with its closed mixing bowl until dispensed by opening the built in gate valve in the discharge nozzle

The exciting new  Combo "All in one blender" creates hundreds of premium blended deserts by mixing hard frozen Ice Cream, Yogurt, Custard, Sorbet, with fruits candies, cookies etcto suit the desires of your customers.

- Eliminates Malt cans and Smoothie blender jars. Deserts are dispensed directly into the serving containers.
- "Cyclone Jet" water wash rinses and sanitizes at the touch of a button
- Model D -with more features. - THE MACHINE THAT DOES IT ALL!

Blender/Display Freezer Combo


The Freezer combo is a complete yogurt/ice cream blend-in business in one neat package. It is a great add on for existing businesses, mall locations or special events use.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.