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H&M USA Gelato Ice Cream Machine and Equipment, Your Best Choice For Gelato Ice Cream Yogurt Business and Franchise !

Commercial Gelato Ice Cream Machines / Yogurt Machines and Refrigeration Equipment


H&M Company USA, Inc.

All H&M commercial gelato ice cream machines are designed and produced to comply with the international laws regulating safety and hygiene. We manufacture a complete line of frozen dessert production equipment in strict accordance with industry safety standards. Products list: Gelato batch freezers, Ice Cream / Milk pasteurize machines, Gelato blast freezers, mix boilers, Gelato Ice Cream combination machines (heat-freeze, all in one), cream pasteurizer (pastry chef), recycling water chiller, display cabinets and soft serve freezers etc.

Excellent Commercial Ice Cream Equipment and Refrigeration Equipment in Stock

        We will be glad to help you set up your new ice cream equipment and even teach you (Franchise Opportunity) how to run it . Our commitment to you goes far beyond simply providing you with top-quality ice cream equipment at great prices. If you have any questions about running an gelato ice cream store or franchise development, you can always contact us to assist you. Our reputation in the industry is rock-solid and we have years of experience to back us up.


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Gelato Ice Cream Combo Machine (Batch Freezer + Pasteurizer)

New Generation Gelato Ice Cream Batch Freezer


Soft Serve Ice Cream / Yogurt  Machine

Gelato Ice Cream Blast Freezer

New Generation Gelato Ice Cream / Milk Pasteurizer

Dairy / Custard / Cream  Pasteurizer Machine

Gelato / Pastry / Deli Showcases Display Case
Design For Gelato and Cafe / Espresso

H&M Gelato Ice Cream Business Solution Center

H&M Gelato Ice Cream Business and Franchise Total Solution

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